December 1, 2023
Reading Checklist: Podcasting
I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators as Hollywood enters the fray. There’s a surge of interest by both creatives and businesspeople in podcasts right now, so I’ve compiled a reading…

I argued in my most popular post What’s Subsequent for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream declare format for every kind of exhibits and creators as Hollywood enters the fray. There’s a surge of hobby by both creatives and businesspeople in podcasts staunch now, so I’ve compiled a reading handbook to reduction novices upward push as much as bustle on the deliver of the podcasting market.

Be aware these links for considerate evaluation by operators, investors, and journalists in the distance and let me know (@epeckham / email) what other posts I must always add to the listing.

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I. Background: The Upward thrust of Podcasting

Timeline of Podcasting | October 2015 | Vanessa Quirk created an interactive timeline to focus on the design of the podcast as a brand new declare medium (on behalf of the Tow Heart for Digital Journalism at Columbia College).

Audible Revolution | February 2004 | Ben Hammersley wrote about the upward push of this new “on-line radio” format reduction in 2004 for The Guardian, that contains early efforts by then-startup Audible to focal point on it in dwelling of audiobooks.

The Future of Podcasting: A Ancient previous Lesson | July 2017 | Justine Moore and Olivia Moore from VC agency CRV outlined the upward push of podcasting as much as 2017 as segment of a 5-segment sequence on the format. From the initial development of RSS feeds and coining of the period of time to initial hype, a lull for a pair of years, and then a resurgence in 2014 as Apple launched its Podcasts app and the premiere of the hit podcast Serial.

II. Background: Records on the Most well liked Market

The Future of Podcasting: The place Are We Now? | July 2017 | Justine and Olivia Moore highlighted data on the deliver of podcasting in summer season 2017, having a see at user consciousness of the format and demographics. They also show barriers to progress.

The Podcast Individual 2018 | April 2018 | Edison Be taught’s broadly-cited annual characterize on who is listening to podcasts and the strategy in which. They also find the extra broadly targeted annual characterize The Limitless Dial (in US, Canada, and Australia versions) that locations podcasting in the context of song streaming, radio, inform interfaces, and general user audio inclinations.

There is extra nation-specific learn accessible for Canada (Canadian Podcast Listener), the UK (Ofcom Communications Market Listing), Germany (Bitkom), and Sweden (EGTA). James Cridland, editor of podnews.find made a 15-minute presentation comparing podcasting internationally besides.

Pudgy Year 2017 Podcast Ad Revenue Test | June 2018 | The Interactive Marketing and marketing Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) launched this characterize on the scale of the US podcast promoting market. These are the stats most news articles and commerce consultants talk over with as the “market dimension” of podcasting but they are simplest the podcast promoting market. The overwhelming majority of income in podcasting is well understood to return from classified ads, but there are also many podcasts accumulating Patreon donations, selling merchandise, producing touring profits, and–in a pair of cases–getting royalties from books/motion photos/exhibits per their podcast or charging paid subscriptions.

Mind the Gap: Fragment One | August 2018 | Alex Taussig, a partner at Lightspeed, outlines the progress trajectories of both podcasting and inform interfaces (treasure Alexa) to focus on how monetization of most popular applied sciences or mediums generally lunge user adoption.

III. Key Gamers: The Key Corporations and Reveals

One-Sentence Reviews of the Entire Podcast Listening Landscape | Could 2017 | Erik Jones wrote short descriptions of the many podcast streaming apps accessible in spring 2017. Indispensable extra have launched since but it’s a functional handbook for becoming attentive to lots of the gamers in the distance.

Podcast Industry Viewers Rankings | updated monthly | PodTrac ranks the 20 most listened to podcast exhibits and the ten most listened to podcast publishers.

Podcast charts | updated hourly | Podcast analytics company Chartable has charts for basically the most downloaded/streamed podcasts for four high podcast gamers: Apple, Spotify Stitcher, and Breaker. Charts are world and by nation.

What’s for sure the halt podcast hosting carrier? | August 2018 | Podcast analytics company Chartable shared data accessible on the market half amongst podcasting’s feed generators, feed redirection services and products, and media hosting services and products.

How Folks Eavesdrop on Podcasts | November 2018 | Fresh podcast advent app Anchor shared their September 2018 data on podcasts that were disbursed via Anchor, framing Apple Podcasts persevered domination of market half however the quick upward push of Spotify as the obvious second-dwelling.

IV. Enterprise Model

MailKimp, SchmailChimp: Podcast Classified ads are Rambling and Unpredictable. So Why Enact Sponsors Take care of Them? | December 2014 | Alison Griswold chronicles how the intimacy of host-be taught classified ads on podcasts appeals to advertisers, even though it method the host doesn’t follow an valid script.

Manual to Podcasting | December 2015 | Vanessa Quirk of the Tow Heart for Digital Journalism revealed a characterize on the history, market, and commerce models of podcasting, along with case experiences on the implementation of diversified commerce models.

The Future of Podcasting: How Enact Podcasts Derive Money? | August 2017 | Justine and Olivia Moore elevate into consideration how podcasters manufacture money, basically specializing in classified ads/sponsorships (that are largely pronounce response) and early efforts at paid subscriptions.

FOMO in China is a $7B Industry | September 2018 | Market China correspondent Jennifer Pak wrote about (and recorded a podcast episode discussing) China’s $7.Three billion marketplace for paid podcasts. Unlike in the US, it is the norm to pay for podcast declare in China. This the inverse of other declare formats where paid subscriptions are general in the US but no longer the norm in China.

What’s Subsequent for Podcasting? Subscriptions and Exclusives | October 2018 | Eric Peckham framed the brand new deliver of the podcast commerce, the opportunity for a noteworthy bigger vary of show formats, and the impulsively growing hobby by song streaming services and products and major Hollywood gamers. I argue that podcasting is in the early days of shifting from a model of free, ad-supported declare on hand on every media participant toward a model extra treasure that of streaming TV, with paid subscriptions and queer exhibits.

‘A anxiousness in the ass for users’: Subscription publishers battle with delivering queer audio | Could 2018 | Max Willens at Digiday chronicled the frustration of media firms who have tried offering podcasts solely to paying subscribers, given the lack of technology infrastructure for doing so.

Why podcasting firms are getting extra into scripted exhibits | September 2018 | Max Willens at Digiday notes a feeding frenzy of current podcasts getting optioned for motion photos, TV exhibits, and books and the growing focal point on producing yarn-fashion podcasts. He facets out that the brand new promoting model for podcasting makes producing a functional ROI on effective yarn exhibits harder.

V. Different arguments and predictions

The place Does Podcasting Budge Subsequent? A Manifesto for Enhance | August 2018 | Tom Webster, the SVP at Edison Be taught who co-authors the annual Limitless Dial characterize on the podcasting market, notes that podcasting’s progress has been tiring-and-true, no longer an explosion, and emphasizes the challenges podcasting soundless going thru in mainstream user adoption. He argues in settle on of extra leisure podcasts that replicate what’s current on TV and argues in settle on of dropping the period of time “subscribing to a podcast” because it causes many people to misunderstand that they have to pay for podcasts.

IAB’s Podcast Measurement Pointers | December 2017 | The Interactive Marketing and marketing Bureau (IAB) is the main commerce group in the US for promoting and promoting-reliant publishing firms. In 2016, it launched its first technical tips on simple the formulation to measure podcast efficiency in expose to find an commerce customary and carve double-counting. It updated them in 2017.

To Derive Accurate Money, The Podcast Industry Desires to Discontinuance Calling Them Podcasts | March 2016 | Project capitalist Hunter Stroll argued that podcasting needs to generate “listener income” in expose to scale as an commerce–no longer staunch rely on place sponsorships–and desires to abandon the period of time “podcast” to build so due to us firmly affiliate podcasts with free declare.

Can Podcasts Rescue Spotify’s Enterprise Model? | November 2018 | Tim Ingham argued in Rolling Stone that the basics of Spotify’s commerce model halt it becoming a ample company (unless it would by some capability carve out the story labels), and that’s why Spotify’s executives have determined to fabricate such an aggressive push into podcasting over 2018.

Verbalize of Podcasts 2018 | July 2018 | Building off their 2017 review, Justine Moore and Olivia Moore a CRV outlined the anxiousness facets the podcast commerce in soundless adjustments, basically the most attention-grabbing adjustments under formulation, and where they judge about opportunity for entrepreneurs.

VI. News Sources

Nieman Lab – a current news and evaluation space plug by the Nieman Basis for Journalism at Harvard College, targeted on the news publishing commerce but additionally tracking the design of podcasting.

Podnews.find – a everyday newsletter and space by James Cridland, a British radio/audio commerce professional in Australia.

Sizzling Pod – a subscription news space protecting the podcast commerce, plug by Carve Quah. It has a free weekly newsletter for non-subscribers besides.

Listening to Voices – a weekly newsletter by betaworks ventures partner Matt Hartman on audio/inform interfaces and startup alternatives.

TechCrunch: are attempting the podcast, podcasts, and podcasting tags for archives.