December 1, 2023
The 13 greatest Apple disappointments of 2018 (AAPL)
Apple's Tim Cook isn't happyReuters Pictures Apple is one of the biggest, most valuable, and most beloved tech companies in the world. Still, not everything the company debuted in 2018 lived up to expectations. We highlighted the most disappointing moments from Apple in 2018. 1. Apple hiked prices on just about everything. Justin Sullivan / Staff…

Unhappy Apple CEO TIm Cook dinner
Apple’s Tim Cook dinner is now not chuffed
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  • Apple is one amongst the greatest, most treasured, and most loved tech firms on this planet.
  • Restful, now not the entirety the corporate debuted in 2018 lived up to expectations.
  • We highlighted essentially the most disappointing moments from Apple in 2018.

1. Apple hiked costs on as regards to the entirety.

Justin Sullivan / Workers

Apple bumped up the starting costs of tons of its hottest merchandise in 2018, when when compared with 2017:

  • The starting label of essentially the most modern and most inside of your capability iPhone elevated by $50.
  • The starting label of essentially the most modern and most inside of your capability Apple Review elevated by $70.
  • The starting label of an iPad Professional elevated by $A hundred and fifty.
  • The starting label of the MacBook Air elevated by $200.
  • The starting label of the Mac Mini elevated by $300.

Apple creates expansive price in every product it makes, however the price hikes for these particular merchandise, this 300 and sixty five days, have been now not justified.

2. Apple killed the iPhone SE, its smallest and most inside of your capability iPhone.

Industry Insider/Steve Kovach

In 2017, the cheapest iPhone it’s doubtless you’ll perchance perchance perchance rep from Apple used to be the $350 iPhone SE.

In 2018, Apple eradicated that cell phone from its lineup.

Now, the cheapest iPhone it’s doubtless you’ll perchance perchance perchance purchase is the iPhone 7, which starts at $449.

The iPhone 7 is aloof an incredible cell phone, however it’s a disgrace that Apple no longer makes phones as small because the iPhone SE.

Three. Apple launched its first HomePod speaker, which showed simply how some distance within the lend a hand of it’s when when compared with Google and Amazon.

Getty/Justin Sullivan

Apple’s HomePod speaker, which debuted in February, has brilliant sound.

Nonetheless there is a checklist of things the HomePod cannot make:

  • It would possibly perchance perchance perchance now not make a expansive job answering random questions treasure rival gadgets
  • It doesn’t work with Android phones
  • It doesn’t work neatly with other tune products and companies moreover Apple Song
  • It cannot be zigzag up to 1 other instrument with an auxiliary cord

Have in thoughts: The HomePod costs $350, while rival tidy speakers fee part of that.

It has an very high quality searching perform, however the HomePod is aloof very considerable in version 1.0.

four. Apple’s September match used to be one amongst essentially the most disappointing iPhone launches in most modern reminiscence.


Chalk it up to leaks, however Apple’s September match, which debuted three unique iPhone devices and a brand unique Apple Review, featured entirely zero surprises, which used to be very un-Apple.

Yes: The names, specs and aspects of Apple’s unique gadgets have been leaked weeks earlier than the match. Bloomberg accurately reported on the names of the unique iPhones— XS, XS Max, and XR — and Apple blog 9to5Mac published Apple’s have marketing photos of the unique iPhones and Review, which furthermore showed up within the keynote.

If one thing, the greatest surprises have been of course sinister news for Apple followers: The corporate discontinued two fan-favorite iPhones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, and it supplied no replace on AirPower, the wireless charging accessory it teased a 300 and sixty five days within the past. Apple eradicated all references from AirPower from its online page at the time, drawing concerns that the venture had been canned, however reports now dispute Apple plans to open AirPower in 2019.

Total, Apple’s September match used to be one amongst the coldest and most dull Apple events I had witnessed in somewhat some time.

5. The unique iPhone names have been terrible.


Apple in 2017 unveiled the iPhone X — pronounced “ten,” now not “ex,” since it represents the Tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

In 2018, Apple had a likelihood to return the iPhone naming convention to normalcy, however instead selected three terrible names for its 2018 iPhones: the iPhone XS (pronounced “ten-ess,” now not “excess”), the iPhone XS Max (“ten-ess max”) and iPhone XR (“ten-arr”).

To chop to the creep: It’s some distance now not life like to position two letters subsequent to 1 every other and query prospects to declare one amongst the letters as a Roman numeral.

The iPhone X used to be adorable marketing final 300 and sixty five days to plan the Tenth anniversary iPhone of course feel special, however if Apple did now not wish to confuse people, the unique phones must aloof’ve been spelled out as “iPhone 10S” and “10R.”

6. The iPhone XS used to be infrequently an increase from final 300 and sixty five days’s iPhone X.

Hollis Johnson/Industry Insider

Apple traditionally redesigns its iPhones every two years. For the years in between, Apple in most cases releases an “S” variant of that cell phone that contains faster chips and in most cases a handful of standout aspects to position it rather then the prior-300 and sixty five days cell phone.

In 2018, the iPhone XS featured faster specs and a rather higher digicam than its predecessor, the iPhone X. Nonetheless it absolutely had nothing else to position it aside, and its starting label of $1,000 stayed the the same. It used to be a extraordinarily dull increase.

7. The gorgeous, redesigned iPad Professional is aloof hampered by nerve-racking limitations.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

9. Apple’s unique MacBook Air did now not rep the corpulent redesign medication many had hoped for.

Hollis Johnson/Industry Insider

After a long time of the the same perform, Apple ultimately redesigned the MacBook Air in 2018.

The computer itself is expansive. Nonetheless the unique perform is infrequently assorted than earlier than, and its starting label is $200 elevated now.

The high quality distinction is the unique Retina tell, a high-definition screen that’s now surrounded by shaded borders in attach of the aluminum borders from past devices.

Sadly, that Retina tell, while interesting, is woefully shadowy. The computer works totally, however the screen cannot rep interesting ample for my liking. I convey I’m now not being a snob about this; dart to an Apple Retailer and switch the brightness up to the high quality setting, and tell me that’s interesting ample on your eyes.

My partner owns an outdated MacBook Air from 2014, which has simply four GB of RAM. I instructed her now not to difficulty updating to this 300 and sixty five days’s model. Nonetheless that’s simply one thought; my colleague Ben Gilbert appears to be like to be very chuffed with his unique MacBook Air.

10. iOS 12 did now not of course feel considerable assorted from iOS 11.


Every 300 and sixty five days, across the the same time, Apple releases a minimum of one unique smartphone. Nonetheless the accurate part of that annual cycle is mostly the free instrument replace that precedes the open of the most modern iPhone.

iOS 12, even though, did now not of course feel considerable assorted than the outdated instrument, iOS 11.

The high quality changes in iOS 12 are grouped notifications, which stacks your notifications by app, and barely by particular person. There may be furthermore Siri Shortcuts, which fully about a people seem to make expend of, and the unique ScreenTime and App Limits aspects, which can perchance perchance very neatly be of course very high quality, however now not of course for me.

Don’t rep me sinful: I treasure that Apple is letting people attach limits on their cell phone utilization. Nonetheless it absolutely’s entirely non-compulsory, and I don’t must attach limits on my time inside of apps. I rep those ScreenTime Digest notifications every Sunday morning, and ignore them every single time.

Refinement is now not a sinister dispute, however past iterations of iOS had more meaningful quality-of-life improvements that of course modified the expertise of proudly owning an iPhone or iPad.


Siri is aloof a punchline in 2018.

Apple blew its big head delivery it had lend a hand in 2011, when Siri debuted on the iPhone 4S. Over the past eight years, other higher, more appropriate assistants from Google and Amazon have dominated the marketplace: They connect with more gadgets, and offer more skills and abilities.

Siri grew to turn into more natural sounding final 300 and sixty five days thanks to iOS 11, however it absolutely made no vital steps forward in iOS 12 this 300 and sixty five days. It aloof has expansive difficulty on the full doing and even figuring out what you treasure to have it to make.

If Apple desires to enhance Siri, it wants to plan it higher at figuring out speech, performing swiftly and accurately on commands, and proactively serving to users in extra non-public recommendations. Nonetheless correct now, Siri stays woefully within the lend a hand of the competitors.

12. One amongst essentially the most advertised unique aspects in iOS 12 is sophisticated to get, expend, and realize.


Siri Shortcuts are a expansive belief, however their implementation used to be poorly executed.

Last week, I asked some of my colleagues on Industry Insider’s tech crew — who expend and write about technology on each day basis — if someone had tried Siri Shortcuts. Out of the ten people within the room, one particular person had tried it, however she said she did now not of course attach up a shortcut.

Siri Shortcuts are in most cases “if-this-then-that” routines it’s doubtless you’ll perchance perchance perchance perform for Siri. You program Siri to perform a high quality circulate if one other circulate occurs. The premise is to relieve own within the gaps in Siri’s abilities by letting people plan their very have commands and actions.

The topic boils down to perform: Or now not it is highly sophisticated to even get this option — and when you are there, it’s now not very high quality how the entirety works. It seems treasure the high quality those that on the full realize how to make expend of Siri Shortcuts are programmers and engineers — now not traditional people.

Over the past months since iOS 12 launched to the overall public, I’ve scoured varied web sites and subreddits to get the accurate Siri Shortcuts — and I had no difficulty discovering tons of examples. A lot of people have reach up with assorted Shortcuts, and dispute they treasure the instrument. That’s expansive for them. Nonetheless the Shortcuts other people came up with don’t seem obliging for my life; they’re extraordinarily articulate, and they also don’t solve any concerns I have (I don’t have a automobile, or expend the third-party apps they make, to illustrate.)

13. No unique AirPods in 2018. (And no AirPower, both.)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Photography

Despite the many reports about unique AirPods coming in 2018, this simply wasn’t the 300 and sixty five days.

Apple debuted AirPods in 2016 alongside the iPhone 7, which used to be the main iPhone without a headphone jack. We’re listening to the following version of AirPods will have improved sound and water-resistance, however those are only rumors. It used to be a bummer we did now not rep the unique devices this 300 and sixty five days, however here’s hoping they reach in 2019.

As for AirPower, Apple debuted that wireless charging accessory in unhurried 2017, however supplied no observe-up news on that announcement for the entirety of the following 300 and sixty five days. Here’s hoping we perceive AirPower resurface in 2019.