December 1, 2023
Cloudera Hit With $240 Million Patent Verdict Over Cloud-Storage Technology
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Cloudera Hit With $240 Million Patent Verdict Over Cloud-Storage Technology (




from the erasure-codes dept.

An nameless reader quotes a document from Reuters:

Patent proprietor StreamScale obtained a $240 million jury verdict in Waco, Texas, federal court on Friday in a patent case in opposition to knowledge-management tool company Cloudera. The jury talked about (PDF) after a four-day trial that Cloudera infringed three StreamScale patents linked to cloud-primarily based fully knowledge storage know-how. Cloudera talked about in a assertion that it intends to venture the choice and that it wouldn’t impact the company’s customers.

StreamScale attorney Jason Sheasby called the verdict a “referendum on the importance of little inventors and little firms.” StreamScale owns patents for inventor Michael Anderson’s “accelerated erasure coding” know-how, which the company’s complaint called a “cornerstone” of long-established knowledge storage. It sued Santa Clara, California-primarily based fully Cloudera in 2021 for allegedly infringing several of its patents.

The lawsuit accused Cloudera’s CDH open offer knowledge-management platform of violating StreamScale’s patent rights. Cloudera argued its tool worked in a distinct blueprint than StreamScale’s innovations and talked about that the patents were invalid. StreamScale also accused other firms, in conjunction with Intel, of infringing its patents within the 2021 lawsuit. Intel filed a separate lawsuit later that year arguing that StreamScale’s allegations violated a non-disclosure agreement.

    • Honestly, patent trolls hurt the long lumber of human innovation, and they infrequently endure the rest however a slap on the wrist if they lose. They need to be shot into the Solar.

        • I am basing this most fine on my dangle observations. I score that worldwide locations with cheap patents have a tendency to score more innovation than the ones with broken-down patent protection. Whereas you happen to suspect about it, it’s swish for an investor to ask of for their be taught charges to score a shiny lead on the market in uncover with a opinion to ask of to obtain their money again, after which some additional earnings. These additional earnings are then re-ragged by the traders to backfill the losses in other ventures that produce no longer pan out, and to be re-inve

          • Does historical past enhance that despite the undeniable reality that? Time and time again via historical past, as lengthy as the trendy patent regime has been a component, we score considered know-how stifled and compelled to wait twenty years because of this of patents. Preserve in thoughts aviation, shall we embrace. The Wright brothers patent suppressed aviation appropriate up to WWI, at which point military aviation overlooked the patents. Oil firms ragged patents for decades to suppress solar energy. Phillip Morris ragged patents to suppress filtered cigarettes firstly place because safety sides f

    • Tiny inventors can barely conceal the prices of patents. Exercising them is unimaginable when firms can exercise groups of team lawyers to bustle up unswerving expenses. In most cases basically the most fine blueprint for little inventors to revenue is to promote their patents to those criminals.

      I dislike patent trolls and accelerated erasure coding is evident know-how because it be a easy iteration on outdated algorithms and required more patent paper pushing than innovation. So I disagree with this verdict.

    • The Patent Machine needs a Huge Reform.

      Or simply, deletion of the total scam intention.

      It brings no added impress to society this day.

  • Patent troll HQ. Squeezing out a winning living using the federal government, regulations and regulations for their dangle revenue.

    • Time to toss tool patents. They offer protection to much more trolls and sleazebags than legitimately appropriate tips.

  • Inquire: Generate a python script that demonstrates using a Galois Discipline to make an error correcting reminiscence blueprint.

    Response: To make an error-correcting reminiscence blueprint using Galois Discipline arithmetic, we are in a position to exercise the Reed-Solomon error correction code. Right here is a overall Python script demonstrating the implementation:



    Carry out we birth using ChatGPT that an “invention” is evident in gentle of prior art?

  • The fellow sold his patents. Doubtlessly because he wished the money did not score the capital to fight in opposition to a sizable company in Court. Everything about right here’s a loss for the little guy. By no methodology thoughts that these are tool patents and perhaps bullshit.

    • Anderson owns StreamScale []. He swish obtained himself on paper a $240M payday for patents [] that he claims conceal CDH despite the undeniable reality that the core Hadoop tech in CDH predates his filings with the USPTO by about 5-7 years.

      AFAICT, he is claiming that HDFS violates his patents, which might perhaps per chance be news to Google since HDFS used to be in step with a white paper that Google revealed in 2003. AFAIK, there used to be nothing cherish HDFS within the wild out of doorways of Google till Yahoo created their dangle clone primarily based fully off of Google’s proprietary work that began seemingly within the wearisome 90s.

      • by Anonymous Coward writes:

        This paper?

        [] The one who claims “each chunk is replicated on a few chunkservers” for integrity as a exchange of disclosing a “better check disk depend” to fabricate it?

        I mean, produce no longer obtain me evil, every person knows better than any patent examiner, undoubtedly better than any fleshy-trial jury member that has heard the fleshy technical arguments from both sides, and undoubtedly better than a decide that has spent his profession facing patent litigation.

        Oh, appropriate- I neglect when we produce no longer cherish the final result, it be for the reason that decide

        • A decide who has spent his profession facing patent litigation… badly.

… []

          The letter criticized Albright for having “openly solicited circumstances at lawyers’ meetings” and for having “over and over overlooked binding case legislation and abused his discretion,” noting that Albright’s choices “resulted in a flood of mandamus petitions” being filed and granted “no fewer than 15 instances in precisely the past two years.”

          Resolve Albright is nicely-known for siding with patent trolls. So necessary in notify that, at one point, roughly 20% of all patent circumstances filed within the US were filed in his district.

  • Intel filed a separate lawsuit later that year arguing that StreamScale’s allegations violated a non-disclosure agreement.

    On no account can even silent a non-disclosure agreement forestall you from submitting a lawsuit the place the different birthday celebration acted in execrable faith, did not meet contractual tasks, or violated the legislation.

    The tendency to defer the entirety to binding arbitration (which in ninety five%+ of circumstances rules in decide of the megacorp paying the arbitrator) so as to lead clear of class action court cases, unswerving preceden

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