November 30, 2023
China’s Brightest Young folk Are Being Recruited To Invent AI ‘Killer Bots’
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China’s Brightest Young folk Are Being Recruited To Invent AI ‘Killer Bots’ (

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from the how-about-that dept.

A team of some of China’s smartest students had been recruited straight from highschool to birth practising because the field’s youngest AI weapons scientists. Native media reports:

The 27 boys and Four girls, all dilapidated 18 and below, had been chosen for the Four-three hundred and sixty five days “experimental programme for radiant weapons programs” on the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) from bigger than 5,000 candidates, the college stated on its web situation. The BIT is one in every of the nation’s high weapons study institutes, and the originate of the unique programme is proof of the burden it locations on the advance of AI expertise for defense force utilize. China is in opponents with the USA and other worldwide locations within the trail to create deadly AI capabilities — from nuclear submarines with self-studying chips to exiguous robots that will well scamper into human blood vessels.

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    • by Nameless Coward writes:

      Workers at tech firms refuse to assist their nation protect themselves in opposition to those advancements thanks to a knee-jerk response of hating the protection force.

      Defend? Yeah, OK. Very just like the nuclear palms trail, we each know damn properly the most fantastic correct protection is a correct offense, so that you just would be capable to assign down the patriotic paintbrush. There is now not any innocent image to paint right here on either side.

      Creating killer AI weapons is rarely always if truth be told precisely a trail to the bottom that many are searching for to steal part in, even the most patriotic. Many are aloof sitting on the sidelines in disbelief questioning if we ought to ever immoral that damn line, because radiant folk know what this shit leads to. And w

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          Slashdot badly needs a button that takes you past the on the other hand-many-dozen inappropriate comments to the foremost ones which is seemingly to be worth reading. Consideration is THE scarce handy resource.

          Appealing. Is on the entire a candidate for machine studying and NLP.

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          Would appear to almost require a human level intelligence!

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  • One thing that I judge goes to beget China the dominant world vitality within the mid-to-unimaginative twenty first century — moreover a broad inhabitants abet — is their govt structure. If they wish a cyber-weapons program, that’s what they are able to score.

    In discovering it irresistible or no longer, the manner things are location up now in China is amazingly ambiance fine. Anyplace else, there would possibly well well maybe be years of debate over any possibility. With each financial and political rep watch over, choices that fair cannot be made anyplace else are simply made by decree and done.

    • China used to be crippled by corruption and is now slowly cleaning up it be act. The US is now crippled by corruption and it is getting worse. AI in most instance is no longer smarter than insects and that’s beautiful powerful what you are attempting to mimic for quite so much of capabilities. For certain hive minded insects with small communications but enabling swarm activities is the design, no more advanced than that. The US can are trying and solve these problems but the levels and corruption and unlimited greed mean, failure is now the norm, no longer fair bec

        • Why are you even talking. Whatever else, China is economically more free than it used to be, and is reaping the rewards. Is that “less corruption”? I dunno, but your commentary is ineffective.

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  • China’s Smartest Students Are Being Recruited To Verify Slashdot For Dupes.


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