November 30, 2023
Is Juul the Easiest Pod Vape or What?
Vaping is a popular activity, one that has a real a 21st-century twist to it. The technology behind vaping is relatively new. The consequences of doing it are mysterious and potentially very dangerous. And yet, vaping seems better than what people in the 20th century did to their bodies—namely smoking cigarettes. If you’re doing that…

Vaping is a favored process, one that has a accurate a Twenty first-century twist to it. The expertise in the aid of vaping in all equity unique. The penalties of doing it are mysterious and potentially very unsafe. And but, vaping appears to be like higher than what of us in the 20th century did to their our bodies—particularly smoking cigarettes. As soon as you’re doing that or factual desire a unique ardour, vape pens are a moderately effortless come to delivery.

But severely, proceed with warning. Many vape juice types possess nicotine which is addictive and immoral. Vape pens are regulated the same as tobacco cigarettes by the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA), which contrivance are trying to be 18 or older to dangle them. These disclaimers are particularly associated correct now for the explanation that companies that promote them are coming below increasing scrutiny. Factual this week, the largest vaping firm in the nation, Juul, announced that it would discontinue promoting most of its flavored pods in retail outlets and would in the reduction of its social media presence, after drawing criticism for marketing to minors.

So assuming you’re vivid and k with the health risks, let’s rep you started vaping! For this edition of Battlemodo, we took three of the tip vape pens accessible on the market—Juul, Rubi, and myblu—and put them during the wringer to salvage out which one’s the single. Our three battles—cloud, battery, and flavor—duvet the largest facets of utilizing and playing the devices. You must maybe well well be bowled over who got right here out on top. (Factual kidding, you potentially obtained’t.)


Part of the enjoyable of vaping is blowing fat clouds of vapor. Some call it “cloud chasing.” If that’s the trip you’re after, on the other hand, vape pens potentially aren’t for you. Graceful tiny vape pens have smaller batteries that are designed to be transportable larger than the relaxation, while personalized-constructed mods with larger batteries are only for cloud chasing. That acknowledged, you could to maybe well well likely also should always simulate the act of smoking with not not up to a thin cloud. You must maybe well well also additionally factual need access to nicotine through a more discrete vaping trip.

myblu by blu
Record: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

For this fight, we blew clouds with the total vapes and measured the results, not only the cloud dimension but additionally how rapid it dissipated. The Rubi, a vape pen made by Kandypens, produced the largest, thickest cloud. That is also on legend of there are about a extra vents on the facet of the battery that lets you design in more air. The myBlu, by e-cigarette extensive Blu, additionally yielded a moderately dense cloud, despite the indisputable truth that drawing on the thing felt somewhat harsh. The clouds from each of these devices additionally hung around some time.

The Juul trip used to be diversified. Depending on the design, the cloud dimension used to be almost as gigantic because the Rubi and the myblu, but it gave the influence to dissipate more rapid. Bryan, my co-tester, and I cherished this on legend of it makes for a more discrete vaping trip. Right here is extraordinarily sterling in case you’re looking out to vape casually without making a huge deal out of it on legend of you’re frigid. As soon as you dangle expansive clouds are frigid, you ought to quiet dangle going down to the vape store and buying a mod!

Winner: Juul


This fight is a tiny bit more technical than the final. In uncover to comprehend the feature a battery plays in the total vaping trip, you undoubtedly should always learn about the fundamental mechanics of the software program.

The bulk of the hardware is a lithium-ion battery that’s not mighty diversified than what’s on your phone. You label it up, and vaping drains it down, per the explicit battery’s voltage. Then there’s the pod that comes with the vape juice. (Vape juice is the liquid that helps have the vapor, and it continuously incorporates nicotine.) To boot to to vape juice, these pods possess a wick that transports the liquid to a heating ingredient known as a coil. As soon as you pull on the vape, this makes the battery warmth the coil, which vaporizes the liquid on the wick, which then you design into your lungs and admire. It’s value declaring right here that the Juul and the myblu call for pre-stuffed, disposable pods, while the Rubi makes exercise of refillable pods that work with the vape juice of your option.

Rubi by Kandypens
Record: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

All that acknowledged, battery dimension will influence how prolonged you could to maybe well well likely also exercise the vape sooner than it’s needless, but it’s not the single ingredient. Of the three vape pens we tested, the myblu had the largest battery at 350mAh, and the Rubi got right here in second at 280mAh. The Juul is a seemingly wimpy 200mAh, despite the indisputable truth that it’s additionally the single battery that comes with an accelerometer that ensures the battery turns off if you happen to’re not utilizing. The Juul is additionally the single vape pen we tested that makes exercise of a proprietary charger. It’s a tiny bit cradle that plugs right into a USB port, and it’s additionally very straightforward to lose. The Rubi and myblu pens have a micro USB port on the battery for charging.

Our fashioned opinion for testing the batteries on these defective boys used to be somewhat tiresome. We were factual going to vape from all three of them unless there used to be only one vape left standing. That check rapid made us feel clammy and nauseated, so we leaned more difficult on our longer-interval of time experiences. After a couple weeks of fashioned exercise, we chanced on the Juul’s small battery died in not up to a day, no matter its treasure facets. The myblu’s gigantic battery did final larger than a day, despite the indisputable truth that we realized that it operates at a bigger voltage than the marginally smaller Rubi battery. Within the tip, the Rubi not only lasted an awfully prolonged time but additionally charged rapid and labored most unceasingly.

Winner: Rubi


Flavor is have of an advanced title for this fight. All of these vape pens toughen a wide diversity of flavors, each of which is appealing to diversified groups of of us. These ranges embody odd flavors fancy tobacco—which tastes less fancy tobacco and more fancy generic vape flavor—as nicely as more outlandish ones fancy Juul’s Frigid Cucumber—which tastes fancy nightmares, in my gaze. The main level is that with Juul and myblu, you’re restricted to the flavor alternatives the companies provide on legend of they procedure in pre-stuffed, disposable pods. With the Rubi, you could to maybe well well likely also design stop any vape liquid on this planet and put it in the refillable Rubi pod.

What this fight is fully about is flavor quality and consistency. Whether you fancy the come a explicit vape juice tastes issues almost as mighty as whether or not the vapor itself hurts your throat or makes you feel fancy gagging. From there, it’s additionally main for the differ of flavors to provide the same trip. Which contrivance that one firm’s tobacco pods ought to quiet not vape any higher than the same firm’s mango pods. In main about the fight this come, we merely tested a wide quantity of flavors and pods to determine which vape supplied the single total taste and trip. We additionally let a community of Gizmodo Media workers enact a taste check, and we factored those results into our total calculus.

Record: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)

The effects were somewhat stark in the tip. With out a doubt, myblu got right here in final situation. Whereas about a of the pods labored nicely and tasted k, mighty of the time, it looked fancy the myblu used to be turning in an unpredictable, toxic assault on our senses. The myblu additionally leaked and spit larger than the others. The Rubi used to be by hook or by crook the same, despite the indisputable truth that the results were more predictable. As soon as more, this vape pen makes exercise of refillable pods so that you just could to maybe well well likely also design stop your vape juice. The downside is that these refillable pods appear to degrade over time, and the trip will get worse as they enact. After about a refills, I chanced on that an feeble pod would turn gentle brown vape juice right into a unhappy brown mess, and the vapor that feeble to taste optimistic and gorgeous had adopted an off-placing acridity.

Right here is the put Juul excels. This vape pen and its pods are constantly appropriate. Every pod has the same straightforward pull and gorgeous flavor whether or not the pod is corpulent or empty, and we almost never skilled disorders with leaking. Drag, Juul pods are pricey at $15 to $20 a pack. But you undoubtedly are paying for quality and consistency.

Winner: Juul

Winner Winner

Having cleanly carried two out of three battles, Juul is the sure winner on this Battlemodo. Right here is the vaping identical of announcing that Apple wins the competition for only smartphone. Juul is one of basically the most pricey vape pens you could to maybe well well likely also dangle, and moderately quite loads of of us disagree about how the firm does alternate.

Alternatively it grew to develop into the market chief for appropriate reasons. Juul makes a appropriate vape pen. Juul makes appropriate pods. Juul additionally markets the shit out of them and is arguably harming our kids. But quiet, in case you would possibly want to rep into vaping, getting a Juul is your only bet.