December 1, 2023
Doctors Mentioned Hockey Enforcer Todd Ewen Did No longer Bear C.T.E. But He Did.
WILDWOOD, Mo. — The news at first seemed to shock the medical world studying the relationship between hard hits to the head in sports and a degenerative neurological disease called C.T.E.Todd Ewen, one of hockey’s most aggressive fighters, who fatally shot himself at age 49 in September 2015, did not have the disease, despite displaying…

WILDWOOD, Mo. — The records within the muse seemed to shock the scientific world finding out the relationship between laborious hits to the head in sports actions and a degenerative neurological disease called C.T.E.

Todd Ewen, no doubt one of hockey’s most aggressive fighters, who fatally shot himself at age forty 9 in September 2015, did no longer have the disease, despite showing a just precise different of symptoms for it.

That used to be the conclusion of doctors in Toronto. It grew to vary into out to be disagreeable.

Ewen’s wife, Kelli, used to be skeptical in regards to the Toronto doctors’ conclusion and had her husband’s mind tissue tested by doctors at Boston College’s C.T.E. Heart, whose findings were checked by researchers at the Mayo Sanatorium.

Ewen, they said Friday, did in reality have C.T.E., stoking the controversy in regards to the disease’s relationship to hockey in desire to tempering it.

Kelli Ewen used to be dismayed but no longer bowled over at the current finding.

In the years earlier than he committed suicide, Todd Ewen, who had retired after the 1996-97 season, showed loads of the symptoms linked to the disease, she said, including despair, memory loss, mood swings and sleeplessness.

“It used to be fancy checking bins on an inventory,” said Kelli Ewen, who used to be married to Todd for 28 years. “Check, take a look at, take a look at. Every symptom of C.T.E., Todd had.”

Todd Ewen joins a rising checklist of dilapidated N.H.L. “enforcers” found to have had the disease, including Derek Boogaard, Bob Probert and Steve Montador. The significant job of an enforcer is to strive against an opponent on the ice as a mode to avenge a perceived disagreeable.

The current findings are inclined to enhance questions about how, in 2016, the doctors in Toronto neglected the mind lesions that are the telltale signs of a disease that can handiest be recognized posthumously. The neuropathologist who oversaw the first take a look at, Lili-Naz Hazrati, used to be an educated glimpse for the Nationwide Hockey League in C.T.E.-connected litigation, a ability battle of hobby.

Kelli Ewen used to be married to Todd Ewen for 28 years. “Every symptom of C.T.E., Todd had,” she said. CreditWhitney Curtis for The Unusual York Times

The current prognosis, which used to be first reported by TSN, a Canadian broadcaster, can even shine a gentle on the N.H.L., whose commissioner, Gary Bettman, pointed to Ewen’s first take a look at to solid doubt on the links between C.T.E. and the sport of hockey and to fend off lawsuits from dilapidated avid gamers who said the N.H.L. had misled them in regards to the dangers of the sport.

Most of all, the prognosis offers some closure for Kelli Ewen, who watched her husband’s existence spiral out of serve an eye on and who used to be mortified when the initial conclusion that he did no longer have C.T.E., or chronic demanding encephalopathy, was a prop within the broader battle over the disease between sports actions leagues and scientists.

“Now I essentially have a explanation for a mode and why all this came about,” Kelli Ewen said in her dwelling out of doorways St. Louis. “How may possibly well possibly one educated earn no C.T.E. at all? So we requested one other educated, who said there will not be this form of thing as a skill a forty 9-one year-regular man with repeated head trauma didn’t have signs of C.T.E.”

Kelli Ewen said she knew nothing about C.T.E. till Todd mentioned it a one year earlier than he died. By that level, he used to be forgetting even straightforward responsibilities and conversations, withdrawing socially and lashing out with small prompting. She had no inkling he had a corrosive mind disease. The couple sought remedy for a number of years.

Todd Ewen, though, sensed something extra serious used to be disagreeable, and started reading about C.T.E. and its links to other athletes who suffered repeated head trauma, including hockey enforcers.

At some level of his profession, Ewen, who performed for the St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens, Anaheim Mighty Geese and San Jose Sharks, broke three knuckles and every finger on each palms. His nostril used to be reconstructed three times and his leer socket used to be shattered. He blew out each knees. He had extra than one concussions, murky eyes and stitches on his face. As soon as, a participant punched him so laborious the screws on the within of Ewen’s helmet were pushed into his brow.


Todd Ewen, again, fought the Calgary Flames’ Paul Kruse when he performed for the Mighty Geese of Anaheim in 1995.CreditGlenn Cratty/Getty Photography

“If a fighter bought a concussion, it used to be magnificent share of the sport,” Kelli Ewen said of hockey enforcers within the Eighties and Nineties, when her husband performed. “But I’m in a position to utter you there had been many nights he came dwelling and couldn’t gape, or used to be blurry out of 1 leer for days, or had complications, or used to be at a loss for words for twenty-four hours after a significant strive against.”

Ewen’s statistics mirrored his role as a pugilist. He had handiest 36 targets but 1,911 penalty minutes in 518 peculiar-season video games.

After he retired, Ewen was an funding broker, labored in precise property, bought five patents for various inventions and earned a diploma in records abilities. He coached the St. Louis College hockey crew for several years, but resigned in 2013 attributable to he started to omit practices and neglect plays.

Later on, he was extra reclusive, his widow said. He started carrying a yellow notepad so he may possibly well possibly very properly be wakeful what errands to bustle. Doctors prescribed anti-depressants, but they made his moods worse, she said.

“In the morning, I’d wake up and wonder if I was getting the aroused Todd or the unhappy Todd,” she said. “Todd knew there used to be something disagreeable with Todd. He kept pronouncing, ‘There’s something disagreeable with my mind, I don’t know what it’s miles, but there’s something disagreeable.’”

After he killed himself, a member of the St. Louis Blues alumni association requested Kelli if she wanted to donate her husband’s mind to doctors in Toronto. Interested for a proof for her husband’s death, she agreed. She said she spoke with Hazrati, the doctor, and requested if she used to be honest.

“I had read that there had been a decision of C.T.E. naysayers,” Kelli Ewen said. Hazrati “assured me she used to be no longer on one aspect or one other.”


A picture supplied by the household presentations Todd and Kelli Ewen walking with the Mighty Geese’ mascot and their sons, Chadd and Tyler.

When Hazrati called six months later with the outcomes, Kelli said she used to be speechless. In a statement after the outcomes were presented, the doctor said: “Our findings continue to lisp that concussions can have an impact on the mind in various systems. This underlines the desire to no longer handiest continue this analysis, but additionally be cautious about drawing any definitive conclusions about C.T.E. till we have extra records.”

In her possess statement, Kelli said, “We hope that anyone littered with the outcomes of concussion takes heart that their symptoms are no longer an computerized prognosis of C.T.E. Depression coupled with other complications can have loads of the identical symptoms of C.T.E.”

Skeptics of C.T.E. and its link to repeated head trauma regular the damaging prognosis to underline the need for caution. In July 2016, Bettman, the hockey commissioner, in a letter to Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, cited Ewen’s case to blame the records media for getting earlier than the science on the long-term outcomes of head injuries.

“This, sadly, is exactly the selection of tragedy that will outcome when plaintiffs’ legal professionals and their media consultants jump earlier than the scientific neighborhood and speak, without gracious scientific give a enhance to, that there is a causal link between concussions and C.T.E.,” Bettman wrote.

Kelli Ewen used to be furious. She knew firsthand what Todd had long passed thru, and “C.T.E. needed to be the acknowledge,” she said.


Kelli Ewen supplied photos of her and her husband taken in Montreal in 1992.

She requested that a sample of her husband’s mind be despatched to Ann McKee, the executive of neuropathology at the VA Boston Healthcare Machine and director of the Boston College C.T.E. Heart, who has recognized many extra cases of C.T.E. than Hazrati.

In February, McKee called Kelli Ewen to utter her Todd had C.T.E. (The scientific link between C.T.E. and suicide is a ways from established.)

Kelli Ewen then requested for a 1/3 realizing, so her husband’s mind samples were despatched — along with his identity cloaked — to the Mayo Sanatorium, where doctors confirmed McKee’s certain prognosis.

In a statement, McKee said Ewen used to be in all probability misdiagnosed attributable to “the samples were taken from unaffected mind regions.” Much less severe cases of C.T.E. fancy Ewen’s are found in fewer areas of the mind, McKee said.

A spokeswoman for the Clinical institution for Sick Teenagers in Toronto, where Hazrati works as a neuropathologist, said she used to be unable to make clear on the current findings in Ewen’s case attributable to the health center did no longer have consent from the household. She confirmed that Hazrati supplied educated testimony for the N.H.L., but said that “neither she, nor our group, were compensated for her time.”

But in a declaration connected to the N.H.L. concussion case, by which the league used to be sued by better than one hundred dilapidated avid gamers, Hazrati said she had billed the league for $25,000, which she said used to be donated to a basis at the health center where she works. (The league and plaintiffs presented a settlement on Nov. 12.)

A spokesman for the health center said Hazrati later decided to work educated bono for the N.H.L. and had no longer been compensated.


Bloodied, Ewen skated away in a 1997 game while taking part in for the Sharks. He had handiest 36 targets but 1,911 penalty minutes in an eleven-one year profession from 1986 to 1997.CreditGlenn Cratty/Getty Photography

Ewen’s lawyer, Brian Gudmundson, wondered Hazrati’s objectivity. In court documents, the doctor used to be skeptical of whether or no longer C.T.E. used to be a disease, going past the questioning among some researchers on whether or no longer the disease used to be linked to repeated head trauma.

“I cease no longer deem ample analysis has been performed to this demonstrate present that C.T.E. is a slowly revolutionary neurodegenerative disease, nor cease I deem that essentially the most up-to-the-minute analysis can present the relationship between head impacts and pathology or head impacts and the symptoms described in essentially the most up-to-the-minute C.T.E. literature,” she wrote in a declaration in April 2017.

“It’s touching on to me that any individual who won’t admit C.T.E. is a disease, or has any symptoms, so actively seeks to make these avid gamers’ brains,” Gudmundson said.

With the current prognosis in hand, Kelli Ewen is making an try to pass on from what has been an emotional roller coaster.

“Taking a glimpse again, it makes me unhappy attributable to if I had known why he used to be unwell, it would have modified issues lots,” she said. “Something trusty has to bag again out of Todd’s passing. I don’t desire other households to have to strive against thru what I needed to strive against thru.”

Ken Belson covers the N.F.L. He joined the Sports actions piece in 2009 after stints in Metro and Enterprise. From 2001 to 2004, he wrote about Japan within the Tokyo bureau.

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