December 1, 2023
2019 Tech Dispositions: Customers Weigh In and Rep Predictions
As we continue to wax nostalgic -- or something like it -- on 2018 and look ahead to the next year, we wanted to get a sense of how users feel about the past, present, and future of tech. We've covered our top news stories of 2018, and looked back on which predicted tech trends…

As we continue to wax nostalgic — or something indulge in it — on 2018 and peep forward to the next twelve months, we wished to get a sense of how users feel regarding the past, veil, and future of tech.

Now we occupy lined our top news tales of 2018, and appeared aid on which predicted tech trends for this twelve months gave the influence to flourish the most. Now, we must know what users think the tech road forward, and which trends veil the most promise.

So, we surveyed over 2,4 hundred of us across the U.S., UK, and Canada, asking them about three key issues:

  1. Which tech trends they realize the most
  2. Which tech trends they think may be the most a hit or in vogue in 2019
  3. Which tech trends they’re most enraged to skills subsequent twelve months

This is where users weigh in on 2019 tech trends.

Understanding Tech Dispositions

First, we wished to hang which tech trends users realize the most. We requested: Which of the next technology trends may perchance perchance you confidently veil or elaborate? (Respect all that apply.)

Which of the next technology trends may perchance perchance you confidently veil or elaborate? (Respect all that apply.)

Out of the 16 alternatives we listed, there were five top tech trends that a pair of third of users indicated they’d feel happy explaining or defining.

Out of those five, the class of trim dwelling topped the checklist. While this is in a position to perchance well encompass trim speakers — which ranked #4 on the checklist — the former outperformed the latter in phrases of person thought.

Dapper dwelling expands past upright speakers, on the opposite hand, and also entails issues indulge in appliances and other dwelling devices, indulge in fridges, that use synthetic intelligence to total such tasks as letting you realize for folk that’re out of a certain food merchandise.

As for the rather high consciousness of trim speakers, which will likely be outlined the open of about a high-profile trim speakers this twelve months, alongside with the Google Home Hub and Fb Portal — both of which were marketed for the interval of primetime television and each so often featured celebrities.

On the an analogous time, fewer of us indicated that they may perchance well confidently elaborate what a teach assistant is — which is in particular attention-grabbing since that technology is what most frequently powers these trim speakers. Our old study has hinted at some confusion as to what precisely a trim speaker is, since formal vocabulary will not be in actual fact repeatedly related with technology we use day-to-day. 

“I suspect teach is incredibly intuitive, and that a total bunch of us don’t even take into story using it,” says HubSpot VP of Advertising and marketing and marketing Jon Dick. “Asking Alexa [Amazon’s voice assistant that powers Echo speakers] for the climate doesn’t bawl ‘teach assistant’ to me.”

User Predictions for 2019

Next, we wished to peep what abolish of tech model predictions users are making for the twelve months forward. We requested, “Which of the next technology trends bear you suspect will glimpse the most success or repute subsequent twelve months? (Respect all that apply.)“, using the an analogous checklist of 16 trends from the old quiz.

Which of the next technology trends bear you suspect will glimpse the most success or repute subsequent twelve months? (Respect all that apply.)

Even though there were about a discrepancies in these outcomes from those where users were requested about their comprehension of tech trends — as an instance, extra users said they dwell up for high success from synthetic intelligence (AI) than of us who said they may perchance well confidently elaborate it — trim dwelling all over every other time topped the checklist, with trim speakers falling shut at the aid of.

Again, these outcomes may perchance perchance be attributable to the high-profile nature and heavy advertising and marketing of certain trim devices launched this twelve months. Where users glimpse the next occurrence of a certain abolish of technology within popular culture, it can perchance perchance add a sense of mainstream repute. In flip, that can perchance perchance outcome in predictions of trim dwelling success in 2019, with extra developed and improved devices past trim speakers coming into the market.

One model that changed into in particular attention-grabbing to peep in the quit five changed into digital fact (VR). Now we occupy lined that technology rather somewhat over the course of 2018 — from what it be take to use a wireless headset to what’s stopping VR from going mainstream.

After we surveyed one other sample of users for the latter, the aim that practically all users gave for no longer alive to to rob a VR headset changed into that it “would no longer profit” them. And while many users don’t glimpse the instruct impact or label-add of owning this abolish of hardware, evidently many aloof glimpse it as gaining momentum — or no lower than some semblance of repute or success — in 2019. (Meanwhile, here’s a leer at predictions for some of the quit VR enterprise use cases.)

What Customers Are Most Enraged About

Eventually, we wished to hang what users are having a leer forward to the most in 2019. We requested: Which of the next technology trends are you most enraged to skills or hear about subsequent twelve months?

Which of the next technology trends are you most enraged to skills or hear about subsequent twelve months?

Again, trim dwelling and trim speakers both made the quit five. However after we requested users earlier this month about their plans to rob a trim speaker, precisely half said they’d no plans to rob this kind of instrument at all. However out of of us who did say plans to rob a trim speaker, 17% said at the time that planned to bear so rather rapidly — within the next six months.

Self-driving automobiles, meanwhile, seem like an dwelling of pleasure for users in 2019 — perhaps because this technology is rolling out sooner than some may perchance occupy predicted. (A minute like a flash of Waymo self sustaining automobiles, as an instance, already hit the road this twelve months.) And it be a technology spherical which many corporations are actively working to construct shopper consciousness, with a heavy emphasis on their presence at the 2019 annual User Electronics Show veil (CES). We went for a lag at the 2018 version of this tournament, and here is the contrivance in which it went.

As for 5G and AI, these were two of the 2018 top tech trends predicted at CES in January.

Out of the two, 5G appears to occupy a long road forward, because it did no longer permeate the mainstream rather as worthy as some may perchance occupy hoped in 2018. On the opposite hand, there remains to be rather somewhat of alternate pleasure spherical this technology as successfully, with the field dominating discussion and lessons at February’s Cell World Congress tournament.

And while 5G may perchance perchance no longer occupy made rather the mainstream splash this twelve months that some predicted, having a leer forward to 2019, it can perchance perchance remain integral to the construction of digital communication and connectivity — in particular since it will aid energy such wireless technology as VR or self-driving automobiles. 

AI appears to be like to occupy played an extraordinarily powerful aim in lots of of the opposite technologies exhibiting on this checklist, because it be what powers many of them. In a nutshell, AI is a formula of replicating the intelligence or opinion technique of alternative folks that’s required of certain processes, indulge in answering questions, navigating transportation, recognizing a persons face, or even figuring out what’s to your refrigerator — which is where the trim dwelling is accessible in.

So, as all of these areas of technology continue to place bigger and evolve, and energy the brand new merchandise and capabilities which occupy launched this twelve months, it can perchance perchance be argued that AI changed into no longer finest undoubtedly some of the pivotal tech trends of 2018, however will continue to be in the next twelve months — and, doubtlessly, decades to note.

“Tech season,” because it were, officially kicks of in early January 2019, and we are going to be there — where, all over every other time, alternate experts are scheduled to keep up a correspondence to their top predicted trends of the twelve months to near.

Stop tuned.

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