December 1, 2023

Blind customers are being left “frustrated” and “embarrassed” by inaccessible payment devices.

Some shops have buttonless touchscreen card readers, meaning you need sight to tap in your PIN.

They are increasingly popular because they are cheap and the screen can be used to advertise items at checkout.

Technical solutions exist for many machines and businesses could find themselves in court if they do not have them enabled.

Many blind people told the BBC’s Access All podcast they have had to tell their PIN to strangers so they can have it typed in for them, or be forced to leave their unpurchased items behind because they’re unable to pay.

Angharad, an accessibility expert from Wales who is blind, told Access All she will refuse an item when asked to use one of these machines.

She said giving her PIN out to a sales assistant, or even someone she’s with “feels like an invasion of privacy that other people just don’t have to do”.