December 1, 2023

Privacy policy

Public Information

NEW TECHLY is a public community.Social activity on this website is public. Comments, likes, and shares are visible to others.

You do not have to use your real name on NEW TECHLY. If you wish to protect your identity or remain anonymous, you can use an alias for your username. Your username is displayed publicly, so make sure it does not contain any identifying information if you do not wish to be identified.

Private Account Information

Your private account information contains other details such as your full name, email address, password, and personal preferences or website settings. We use your email to send out essential information related to your account such as password resets, privacy requests, and account verification. Non-essential emails are opt-in only and may be opted out at any time. If you wish to opt out from essential emails, you must submit a request to delete your account, which removes all your data from this website.

If you signup through this website, we will collect a password from you. If you sign up through social services, such as Facebook or Google, we only collect your name and email.


NEW TECHLY, its files and databases, are protected by encryption, firewalls, and physical server security. It is your responsibility as the user to remember your username and password in a safe location. The safeguards in place help to protect your data, but NO GUARANTEE CAN BE MADE THAT YOUR PUBLIC OR PERSONAL DATA WILL REMAIN SECURE FROM INTRUSIONS, THEFT, EXPLOIT, OR OTHER UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE TO THIRD PARTIES. Therefore, you should not store any extremely sensitive personal information on this website, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, licenses, etc.

Information & Cookies

In addition to the information you provide, NEW TECHLY uses analytics tools from Google and Facebook to track user activity for the purpose of analyzing user engagement, website performance, advertisement metrics and accessibility. We may also track the link of the website which referred you to Kevin’s Guides.

Cookies are used to track your session data and keep you logged into the website.


We do not share any personal data with outside parties for commercial or marketing use of any kind. We may share data with third parties to enhance the features and usability of this website, such as providing social logins through Facebook and Google. Aggregate non-identifiable data may be shared with outside analytics organizations for business purposes. We may only share your data with outside entities in cases where we are legally obligated to.

Account Unsubscribe

We have provided the unsubscribe link in every email we send so you can unsubscribe by just clicking on the link we provided on the header of every email we send.

Changes To This Policy

If significant changes to this policy are made regarding the handling of your personal user data, a prominent notice will be placed on the front page of this website.